Next event is September 19th at Sleepy Hollow

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2021 D6 Henrietta Classic Schedule


Rd. 1 March 7th  Tomahawk MX ( Double Points)

Rd. 2 March 28th Dutchman MX

Rd. 3 April 18th Pagoda MC

Rd. 4 May 16th Raceway Park (Double Points)

Rd. 5 May 30th Sleepy Hollow MX Park

Rd. 6  June 6th Field of Dreams (Double Points)

Rd. 7 June 27th Doublin Gap (Double Points)

Rd. 8 July 4th Pagoda MC Legends Race (Double Points)

Rd. 9 July 18th Happy Ramblers MC

Rd. 10 July 25th Dutchman MX Mini Mayhem

Rd. 11 August 22nd MX 23 Unleashed ( Double Points)

Rd. 12 August 29th Doublin Gap

Rd. 13 September 19th Sleepy Hollow MX Park ( Double Points)

Rd. 14 September 26th Happy Ramblers MC (Double Points)

Rd. 15 October 17th Dutchman MX (Double Points)


More Information


 Riders making at least 8 events will be eligible for end of year awards. We will have 2 drops for all riders.  All riders must have a valid AMA card and current District 6 card to claim year-end awards. We will have factory contingency at all rounds as well as giveaways at all riders meetings. We will also have a year end awards banquet.  Looking forward to seeing our motocross family and a great season of racing.


2021 District 6 Point Paying Classes


250 A                                                     

250 B                                                      

250 C                                                      

Collegeboy (16-24)                                     

Open A                                                    

Open B                                                    

Open C  

125 C                                                  

Schoolboy 1 (12-17) 2 stroke only                

Schoolboy 2 (14-17)                                   









40 +C


PW 50 4-8

50 stock (4-6)

50 stock (7-8)

50 open (4-8)

65 (7-9)

65 (10-11)

65cc 7-11

85 (9-11)

85/150 (12-15)

Jr. Mini (9-13) Stock Wheels only

Supermini (12-15)

Women (14+)

Girls Jr (9-13)


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