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Dirt Track

Flat Track Racing (also sometimes referred to as Dirt Track) Flat Track Racing is in essence going fast and turning left!! It is one of the oldest & most loved forms of motorcycle racing in the world!! Starting in the 1920's with the 1st AMA sanctioned Dirt Track Race in 1932! Tracks range in size from 1/8 mile to 1 mile- where riders can reach speeds up to 140 MPH. Flat Track also encompasses a TT track which consists of a right hand tum, a left hand turn and a small jump! Classes and ages for competition range from 4 years old to 60-70 years old. We are a big family and travel all over the country if you want to OR you can just race at our local District 6 tracks. Hope to see you at a race some day!!! 

Road Runs

Road Runs are sanction through the AMA and District 6. Road runs may also be non-AMA but D-6 points are not given to the non-AMA class. However prizes are awarded to that class. Prizes are determined by the club doing the event. There is a fee to enter which is determined by the promoting club. District 6 points are given to AMA rider and AMA passenger classes. Promoting club determines what prizes to award. A District 6 report form will be supplied to promoting club which will ask for the amount of AMA riders, AMA passengers and Non-AMA entries. This report it sent to the road run point's person for the district. There is a district 6 banquet at the beginning of the next year where District awards for previous year are presented. This is in addition to prizes given at individual runs throughout the year. The route for road runs is determined by promoting club and can be marked by putting lime spots on the road, or making up maps so riders will know where to go. There various ways to do a run:


Draw cards 
Roll dice 
Carnival run (games are played at stops along the route) 
Observation runs  

All brands of motorcycle are welcome at these events. 

White Flowers
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